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When you join blogfoster, we find the brands, plan the campaigns and finalise the billing and reporting, so that you can focus on doing what you love - creating exciting content.

Once you've joined our community of influencers, you’re able to discover exciting sponsored post campaigns that match your profile. For each available campaign, we provide a detailed briefing and clear payment structure. blogfoster’s services are completely free for you and our influencers can earn up to £3000 per month. 

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“My first experience of a campaign has been a good one. The brief was clear, and well laid out – a mission statement about the campaign, followed by a bullet list of tasks, and the main goal of the work. I love this kind of brief – it means that nothing is misconstrued as it’s all there upfront. I was then able to pitch for the campaign, and sent it off – I also knew in advance how much I would be paid if I was selected. I received an email to let me know I had been successful, and I just had to login to my blogfoster UK dashboard to accept my mission!”


Michelle from www.thepurplepumpkinblog.co.uk

The system is very user friendly, and the sign up process was very straight forward - if you are hoping to start making money from blogging or perhaps just looking for access to regular well paid work, then I highly recommend signing up to blogfoster UK - I have already seen a boost in my earnings as a result!


Hayley from www.sparklesandstretchmarks.com